Sanded steel of latest news of sanded steel share 25.8 billion buy suspense Li Jiang and Sha Gang what concerns?


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Sanded steel of latest news of sanded steel share 25.8 billion buy suspense Li Jiang and Sha Gang what concerns?

The Shanghai La Xin of Sha Gang and Jiangsu wisdom Qing Chengli registers the ground is whole building to be sealed rose, elevator leans ceaselessly, stair also was locked up, the staff member said to had closed for ages.

Doubtful point one: As Sha Gang share buys an end truly, why doesn’t sanded steel share buy GS directly, however through rising in price 2.3 billion yuan means curve is bought, add on 2.9 billion build the De Lixun that go up to amount to, need of altogether of sanded steel share is much give 5.2 billion yuan.

Doubtful point 2: The De Lixun of 4 partner Li Jiang is amounted to, will 3 years have a deficit more more, appraise cost is higher and higher however.

Doubtful point 3: Why to Li Jiang is in and buy multiple part is acted in the case.

Doubtful point 4: The Suzhou dear peak that buys mark ever provisionality disappears, one of its partner Shanghai La Xin registers the ground is not to have one person for nothing more. To this, the view of sanded steel respect, chief statement is abhorrent related the partner Jiangsu Zhi Qing with Shanghai La Xin

Afore-mentioned doubtful point are ” international finance signs up for ” the one part in a lot of doubtful point that the reporter discovers below exclusive investigation, these doubtful point, all come from at sanded steel share the Jing day of 25.8 billion is bought case.

Sha Gang 25.8 billion how do be being bought after all come out? What kind of increase chain to have among them? Why is the company with a bad aptitude so high excessive price? Is it how by clever pack this picket and buy in the case?

For this, ” international finance signs up for ” reporter development a gleam of, try dialytic these suspense.

Sha Gang’s a huge sum is bought

Time wants backdate to arrive on June 15.

This day, announcement of sanded steel share ” issue share to reach pay cash to buy property and capital of collect form a complete set and correlation trade beforehand case ” , one involves amount to amount to 25.8 billion yuan major asset to recombined plan to open veil eventually.

According to announcement, sanded steel share plans to issue share to reach a to pay cash to buy Suzhou dear peak to invest equity of administrative limited company, and issue share to buy Beijing De Lixun to amount to equity of limited company of science and technology, plan to distribute fund of share collect form a complete set at the same time.

Be in this second in trading, 100% equity evaluate is Suzhou dear peak 22.9 billion yuan, de Lixun amounts to 88% equity evaluate to be two billion nine hundred and eight million four hundred thousand yuan, two trade aggregate twenty-five billion eight hundred and eight million four hundred thousand yuan. Trade evaluate is aggregate occupy appear on the market the scale of company total assets is 329.24% , occupy appear on the market the scale of the rights and interests of partner of parent company of company vest in is 942.55% .

So, share of steel letting sand nots hesitate gigantic endowment two companies that also want the general that close, be He Fang after all divine?

According to announcement of sanded steel share, de Lixun is amounted to held water in December 2009, advocate business Wu includes IDC (Internet data center) , CDN (content distributes a network) and relevant appreciation serves, it is the operation business of network data center.

And Suzhou dear peak held water in January 2016, it is the investor of network data center.

This is bought case, jarred the market.

On June 15 that evening, ” intern新上海贵族宝贝论坛

ational finance signs up for ” print goes out ” Sha Gang makes public 25.8 billion a huge sum to buy program, buy target real features to rise to surface: Be unexpectedly is what go to Europe to break money before New Year medium is asset round? ” report, point out sanded steel share rises in price 2.3 billion curve is bought.

After 8 days on June 23, reach place greatly to Sha Gang afore-mentioned buy case issued letter asking ask. And in asking ask case, li Jiang is to allude among them the individual name with maximum number.

Is Li Jiang He Ren? Are he and sanded steel why to be planted relation?

” international finance signs up for ” the reporter combs discovery, sanded steel share of 25.8 billion be bought or plan two many years by Li Jiang last a period of time just about carry out, and sanded steel share coordinates a show with all one’s strength.

A of Li Jiang fight in some places one by one suffer a defeat

Of Li Jiang appear on the market affection predestined relationship result on Feburary 3, 2011, the international achieving gain that its regard CEO as appears on the market in American Na Sida gram. This is software of afterwards general couplet later, the 2nd lands Nasidake advocate board Shandong Jinan enterprise. However, this company that the name is the international that achieve gain is low-key although be in,arrive Jinan, a lot of people also had not heard of.

On April 17, 2013, because the international that achieve gain was not handed over in time 2012 annals, receive Na Sida to overcome the warning retreating city of bourse. Fill after handing in because successive 30 trade day under 1 dollar, received the warning that retreat city again on June 28. Subsequently, the international that achieve gain chooses to retreat city with be being changed demesne.

After Nasidake folds halberd, li Jiang prepares to A initiate concussion, bear the weight of he this wishs of scene is his the De Lixun that with president of the international that achieve gain Hou Mochun founded jointly 2009 is amounted to.

Sichuan gold top and heart benefit fast were amounted to 2014 brush gave scintilla, sichuan gold top will be released on November 29 ” issue share to buy property and asset of collect form a complete set and correlation trade beforehand case ” , beforehand top of gold of counter scale Sichuan buys De Lixun to amount to 95% equity with distributing the kind of share, and capital of collect form a complete set. De Lixun amounts to 100% equity beforehand appraise value is 2.8 billion yuan about, the fast of asset heart benefit of corresponding mark amounts to 95% equity beforehand apprai阿爱上海同城

se value is 2.66 billion yuan.

Notable is, in time of 4 when stop a card to recombine in Sichuan gold top many months, de Lixun amounted to the asset that drafts bought mark to undertake great equity is changed 3 times however. Will achieve rich Shandong on October 21 especially (subsidiary of the international that achieve gain) add endowment hind, de Lixun amounts to majority asset is cash.

The asset Suzhou Qing Feng that this and this sanded steel share drafts to buy is very similar, and the company that Qing Feng and De Lixun amount to Suzhou to all be Li Jiang under one’s name.

Suzhou dear peak is bought in sanded steel share during recombining, also undertook great equity is changed 3 times, added endowment forehead to be as high as 23.6 billion on Feburary 2, 2016.

The data shows in light of, de Lixun is amounted to be not a high grade company.

Carry the financial data that publish on the head according to Sichuan gold, de Lixun is amounted to 2012 year, 2013 year and January 2014 – will part in October deficit five million four hundred and eleven thousand two hundred yuan, mix three million five hundred and sixteen thousand three hundred yuan six million five hundred and fifty-six thousand four hundred yuan. In addition, include Ningxia to start limited company of rich cloud science and technology inside, 6 subsidiary that De Lixun amounts to are in right now without business income and net profit loss in.

Advocate respect of course of study, the De Lixun that holds water 5 years amounts to the computer room that still does not have his, now level is actual only room of hire operation business chance is fragmentary begin IDC business to wait, and itself still had not run large data center.

Even if oppugn acoustical rise from all directions, still do not have outstanding achievement but fast amounts to the heart benefit of character to be propped up hard remove those who be as high as 2.8 billion yuan beforehand appraise value,

Till July 24, 2015, a when card inspect meets ” project of meeting administration license examines Chinese card inspect feedback opinion advice note ” do not have what De Lixun amounts to carry dew undisguisedly to come out according to management problem.

Sichuan gold top admits in announcement subsequently, de Lixun is amounted to the requirement that business certificate of appreciation telecommunication business did not obtain to be engaged in IDC operation business according with relevant law laws and regulations inside report period, according to the requirement of relevant law laws and regulations, de Lixun amounts to the risk that is put in punishment of mechanism be superintendencied.

At the beginning of 2016, this pestered a year many buy, stop with Sichuan gold top eventually buy and end.

Plan meticulously more than two years

It is the ending that feels with Sichuan gold supports beforehand already probably, buy beforehand period inside Li Jiang begins to find next homes additionally, this he takes aim the look to domestic great undertaking big and the Sha Gang share with good case.

Public data shows, li Jiang and knot of sanded steel share are resulted from on Feburary 25, 2015, sanded steel group place hold 55.12% equity transfer 9 natural people, the price is 5.29 yuan / , aggregate set show 4.6 billion yuan. This action causes numerous attention temporarily, all along the equity that the sanded steel group that equity focuses should have such general interest is measured unexpectedly is made over, and Li Jiang is these 9 accept one of dish of people.

In subsequently time, 9 natural people ever were decreased 5 times medium hold set now, li Jiang is changeless from beginning to end.

August 2016 because former of Huang Lihou of the 4th large stockholder large-scale decrease hold, hold a Li Jiang of 6.34% to rise, ascend body the 4th large stockholder.

Equity is made over only 4 months, sanded steel share stops a card to plan major asset recombines, stopped in January 2016 regrettablly, reason is: Recombine the asset outside involving churchyard to buy, amount is larger, the program is relatively complex, trade the difficulty that plan designs is greater. Although trade to just issue share to buy the main business item that involves in asset item each,undertook negotiation and plan are revised many rounds, but final this second trade of mark the core problem such as compensation of value of asset limits, appraise, gain fails to reach unanimous opinion.

The capital market that sees a result only all along is right this not show respect for, on January 21 after answer card, those who receive sanded steel share is 10 trade in a few days 9 drop stop.

Have not enough time the immediately of sanded steel share of lose spreads out the action to plan to recombine the next time.

On January 22, after card of Sha Gang answer the following day, harbor of Zhang Jia of base camp of distance sanded steel the area of Suzhou industry garden outside 100 kilometers, an investment management company that the name is Suzhou dear peak held water.

On January 25, sanded steel share is contributive 40 million yuan, occupy than 80% with Jiangsu Zhi Qing established Shanghai La Xin jointly, and Jiangsu Zhi Qing and Shanghai La Xin are Suzhou Qing Feng establishs two earlier and sole partner.

On September 19, 2016, sanded steel share stops a card to plan once more recombine, the asset place that shows sign directly belongs to an industry to be IDC big data, relatively at before half an year is much suffer a defeat, this sanded steel share shows achieve one’s ambition to be in must.

After 4 many months, suzhou dear peak undertook large-scale equity disperses behavior, partner is 15 by two former increase sharply. Notable is, sanded steel group also becomes a shareholder this Suzhou dear peak, become its an one of east. Appear on the market company large stockholder and break up of orgnaization of of all kinds investment are held, finished cardinal principle to measure asset infuse thereby.

By 2016, de Lixun amounts to general manager Li Jiang to organize with Sha Gang group, medium boat is fiducial etc those who be main investor is medium asset round Elegant Jubilee, through 2.4 billion pound (add up to twenty billion six hundred and six million four hundred thousand yuan of RMBs about) bought Global Switch (GS of the following abbreviati爱上海同城手机版

on) the share of 49% , and Elegant Jubilee has GS of additionally 2% equity buy period right, travel authority price is 2 pound. After should buying period authority to counterpoise all right, suzhou dear peak will carry equity of EJ hold GS 51% , bring into GS amalgamative limits.

After the strategy becomes a shareholder, li Jiang joins Global Switch board of directors, hold the position of president.

And announcement of share of basis sanded steel, the equity of Elegant Jubilee 100% of hold of Suzhou dear peak, the GS that is bought accordingly is actual Qing Feng of vest in Suzhou.

On June 15, 2017, sanded steel share issues announcement, plan to buy Suzhou dear peak and De Lixun to amount to.

Notable is, qing Feng is this Suzhou that second Sha Gang drafts to be bought 22.9 billion yuan run a sexual company, cadre did not run business. Those who change character, suzhou dear peak holds water more than one year to come only business is 20.6 billion yuan bought GS, because this GS is Sha Gang bought purpose seat. Around distance does not spend half an year, the social status of GS already rose 2.3 billion yuan.

So far, of Sha Gang this buys the case is OK and simple wraparound for: The Sha Gang that aims at data business already becomes a shareholder first established Suzhou dear peak, after need Suzhou dear summit and buying GS, sha Gang moves to receive Suzhou dear peak again put in general ‘s charge, bring into the GS with the intentional still long already instrument of bosom together.

Doubtful point is heavy

Review this and buy, doubtful point of it may be said is heavy.

1. curve is bought

As Sha Gang share buys an end truly, why doesn’t sanded steel share buy GS directly, however through rising in price 2.3 billion yuan means curve is bought, add on 2.9 billion build the De Lixun that go up to amount to, need of altogether of sanded st爱上海同城对对碰

eel share is much give 5.2 billion yuan.

To this, dong Bi of sanded steel share does express, involve the issue of square field surface, inconvenience says more.

2. is managed unusual

In Suzhou Qing Feng establishs half an year much and below the condition that completes pair of GS to buy, the abode that department of industrial and commercial administration registers according to its however or management place cannot get in touch with its, time is will come on August 22 between September 12.

The reporter seeks testimony to Suzhou dear peak at this point, phone of the other side unmanned from beginning to end receive listen.

relatively at Suzhou Qing Feng’s provisionality disappears, one of its partner Shanghai La Xin registers the ground is not to have one person for nothing more.

Industrial and commercial data shows, this is mixed by sanded steel share the company that Jiangsu Zhi Qing creates jointly registers the ground to be the road in silver-colored city of Shanghai Pudong area 8 40 4012 rooms.

” international finance signs up for ” the reporter is passed visit afore-mentioned addresses, the 40 buildings that discover La Xin is in Shanghai already rectified a layer to be sealed, elevator cannot berth, stair passageway is in also by lock.

The reporter calls in downstage through inquiry discovery of the personnel record that register never has nearly one year call in personnel goes going to 40 buildings.

Security personnel tells a reporter, before this 40 buildings really somebody, but took away entirely last year.

After the one’s purpose in coming of clear reporter, speak bluntly of the personnel that protect clean is early closed down.

” international finance signs up for ” the reporter gets in touch with management center of Shanghai La Xin capital subsequently, chief expresses related its, la Xin moves the way in leaving silver-colored town really 8, to moving the whereaboutldirection after leaving, its express not to know, let a reporter contact share of holding company sanded steel.

Dong Bi of sanded steel share does to express to this, register the ground and office ground different very normal.

Zhi Qing communicates the share company Jiangsu of reporter attempt and Shanghai La Xin, relevant controller expresses, la Xin is all the time in silver-colored city road, hire is year of autograph, this year had finished pay. Inform in the reporter visit a result, since,enquire consign hire, why be no good make when use? The other side expresses excitedly to let a reporter contact sanded steel share, immediately ring off.

Hop of 3. social status

In October 2014, de Lixun is amounted to undertake adding endowment make over with equity, its value of 100% equity appraise is one billion two hundred and forty-four million two hundred and twenty-four thousand four hundred yuan.

When Sichuan gold top planned to buy De Lixun to amount to 2015, 95% equity beforehand appraise value is 2.66 billion yuan, net assets of face of Zhang of correspondence of this part equity 823 million yuan, buy excessive price 1.837 billion yuan, excessive price rate is 223.27% .

This Sha Gang is bought in, the 88% equity evaluate that De Lixun amounts to is two billion nine hundred and eight million four hundred thousand yuan, total appraise value is close 3.3 billion.

De Lixun is amounted to in light of us 2014 up to now outstanding achievement circumstance.

Announcement alludes, de Lixun is amounted to in 2014, 2015, realized business income respectively 2016 twenty-seven million four hundred and sixty-five thousand yuan, 256 million yuan, 229 million yuan, implementation net profit – two million four hundred and nineteen thousand one hundred yuan, – 9.608 million yuan, – fifty-one million nine hundred and forty-three thousand seven hundred yuan. To the reason of deficit, de Lixun amounts to an explanation to be in上海贵族宝贝论坛

new project to throw for the company period.

3 years, the deficit that De Lixun amounts to expands ceaselessly, social status comes true successfully however 3 jump repeatedly.

And stand so whether did fast amount to the heart benefit of uptake to obtain the appreciation telecommunication that still had no 2015 business business certificate?

The reporter negotiates with business the identity and De Lixun amount to connection, return of telephone exchange personnel is not fair, after leaving a reporter to contact means, its express department of pass on business, come by business personnel butt joint reporter, distribute news dispatches up to the reporter, still did not get response of the other side.

The design is clever

This is as long as two years to be bought more case, the place of layout theres is no lack of clever, highlighted particularly at 2 o’clock among them.

In June 2016, sanded steel group shifts to an earlier date with 5.2 billion become a shareholder Suzhou Qing Feng (Sha Gang group just undertook equity is made over 2015 set now 4.6 billion) , hold a scale to be as high as 23.9% , add orgnaization of of all kinds investment to hold dispersive, sanded steel group sits firmly Suzhou dear peak is the biggest partner and the niche that dominate a partner. After steel share buys Bencisha, shen Wenrong still is the effective control person of sanded steel share, advantageous position of control of sanded steel stock is in this second trade around did not produce change.

Accordingly, even if this second buy infuse amount of so huge capital put oneself in another’s position, still do not form borrow housing.

In addition, the financial group Elegant Jubilee that Li Jiang organizes is in become a shareholder the obligate of with 2 pound travel authority price when GS of 2% buy period right, in 49% and 51% between assured space of certain advance and retreat.

Bale does intention where?

The reporter seeks advice to professional personage with respect to afore-mentioned doubt, its express to review Sha Gang to be bought this, it is plan of its partner Li Jiang likely very. Li Jiang finishs pair of GS first buy, again subordinate De Lixun amounts to conveniently him general to bale together sell Sha Gang. And GS and De Lixun are amounted to advocate business Wu is big data, have synergism.

Why should Li Jiang amount to De Lixun bale sell?

Analyse personage speak bluntly, amount to the outstanding achievement of consecutive loss with De Lixun, it is very difficult to want to borrow housing to perhaps be bought alone come true. In recent years recombine examine and verify the asset quality to mark accuse very strict, deficit asset does not have percent of pass almost.

Force of sanded steel bend cooperates

Long-standing of position of big data industry.

Be in early during steely 2011 industry enters cycle of be issued to lower levels, shen Wenrong of chairman of bureau of director of sanded steel group ever began to be not the diversity layout of steel industry for sanded steel plan, its ever emphasized look forward to of civilian battalion steel wanting in advance to have diversity transition in many circumstances.

Besides settle oneself iron and steel advocate course of study, the line tries moving ERP on outside compositive system, sha Gang is returned through holding a Bao Gang the banner issues Ou Yeyun business to become its the new partner that after equity is opened, introduces.

To this the bend force of Sha Gang in be being bought cooperates. Analytic personage expresses, buy a success, it is double win, no matter still be Sha Gang to Li Jiang, after all the concept still is very popular in the stock market. If 2 class market is valued to this one concept, both sides will have more gaining profit space.

However, director of institute of some banking negotiable securities to ” international finance signs up for ” the reporter expresses, will look at present, the iron and steel of big data and sanded steel advocate sex of correlation of course of study is not quite big, if deviate steely advocate course of上海千花网龙凤论坛

study, the choice undertakes break out of an encirclement to other way, the market still can have bigger doubt, intervene after all an unfamiliar domain, besides needing capital of a huge sum to support, control ability, development capacity have go through one’s facings go through one’s facings.

Should ask about when answer card, dong Bi room represents sanded steel share fast, let a reporter be waited a moment again

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