What do 2017 economic system reform the conference to hold economy to reform key task to have?


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Change according to sending appoint website message, countrywide economic system reformed working conference to be held in Beijing 2017. The conference points out, the key that economic system reforms this year, on one hand, want exert oneself to drive sex of supply side structure to reform key task to obtain new breakthrough. On the other hand, exert oneself stresses domain of good focal point and crucial link reform, include to be advanced continuously put a canal to take reform, farther increase the price to reform strength to wait.

Economic system reforms sex of structure of side of more outstanding supply the job this year, outstanding issue directs and the target directs. The relation of good through processing government and market, short-term mix with long-term relationship, subtration additive the relation, relation of supply and demand, accelerate rate of each reform be born, solve economic society developing effectively to highlight a problem thereby

A few days ago, the State Council is approved turned the country develops innovation appoint ” the opinion that上海贵族宝贝交流区

works about deepening economic system to reform a key 2017 ” (abbreviation ” opinion ” ) , put forward 10 kinds of big 35 year economic system to reform key task, content is involved put a canal to take reform, state-owend enterprise to mix change, the many main fields such as property right protection.

Reporter of network of economy of economic daily China combs nearly 3 years of relevant economic system to reform file discovery, work of economic system reform is more outstanding this year reform of sex of supply side structure, outstanding issue directs and the target directs, emphasize solve economic society developing effectively to highlight a problem with the method of reform.

According to introducing, the country develops innovation appoint wait for a branch to already began from increase innovation system drive of supply, executive innovation, enlarge significant demand, prevent accuse potential risk, improvement the respect such as safeguard of the people’s livelihood sends force, in order to ensure each be born that reforms the task is carried out this year.

Apply commercialize law to change a method

With sex of supply side structure reform gives priority to a line, deepen economic system reform continuously. ” opinion ” point out, the relation that should handle good government and market, short-term mix with long-term relationship, subtration additive the relation, relation of supply and demand, accelerate drive each reform be born.

In deploy of the State Council economic system reforms task of 5 big focal points this year in, drive 3 go falling to fill reform, exert oneself raises economy to expand quality and benefit, still put in the first place.

Should solid and effective go producing can, because the city applies plan to go inventory, active and reliable go lever, much arrange develops simultaneously fall cost, accurate thrust augmentation of essence of life fills short board, with commercialize law to change a method, drive 3 go falling to fill reform task gains new materiality headway. Go producing in what held a few days ago can, go lever, fall time of cost job department on joint meeting, the country develops innovation appoint He Lifeng of joint meeting convener says time of director, department.

The expert expresses, go one year, in advancing sex of supply side structure to reform, the consensus of action of better play market is getting aggrandizement further, but also existing the problem with market mechanism insufficient play. This year is reform of sex of supply side structure deepen year, face a possibility each challenge of grow in quantity, the method development that uses reform is advanced 3 go falling to fill, will be put to more prominent place.

” opinion ” put forward, want more to apply commercialize law to change a method, drive the industry such as report of steely, coal, coal to dissolve continuously superfluous produce can; Accelerate the lasting effect mechanism that build and perfects stimulative estate market to make the same score steady healthy progress, give priority to with the market contented mutiple level demand, give priority to with the government provide basic safeguard; Advance capital negotiable securities to change, support commercializes law to change debt to turn, development is mutiple level capital market, increase equity financing strength; Use strategy integratedly continuously, reduce company system sex to pay easy cost.

He Lifeng expresses, our country is produced this year can, go lever, fall the working difficulty of cost can be increased apparently. To this, both neither can be afraid of difficulty is war-weary, cannot eager for quick success and instant ben上海龙凤论坛

efit, lead and must coach with scientific method, creativity begins the work, ground of one hundred percent has been caught carry out fulfil.

Seek key domain to reform a breakthrough

Be thought the state-owend enterprise that gnaws hard bone the hardest is reformed, already more than in be being included the key task column that reforms to economic system. This year, ” opinion ” from advance a state-owend enterprise to reform 1+N file be born to get effective in the round, deepen a state-owend enterprise to mix system of ownership reform, increase key industry to reform deploy of strength tripartite face, aim to seek the bigger breakthrough of state-owend enterprise reform.

According to introducing, afterwards was started last year carried out 9 first state-owend enterprises to mix change pilot later, this year restart the 2nd batch 10 are mixed change pilot job. Current, already had pilot program obtains 9 enterprises to approve and will be carried out at the near future, the hopeful inside year gains level sex headway. Of the 3rd batch of pilot enterprises choose the job to already also began to begin.

The country develops innovation appoint Cheng of news spokesman Yan Peng expresses, will enlarge pilot dimensions next, deepen pilot exploration, form the mutiple level, much territory, much mode, system sex that can duplicate experience achievement, farther play mixes ownership reform to re上海夜网论坛

form medium breach action in the state-owend enterprise.

Have the guild chamber of commerce that gets attention and reform of executive authority unhook go well. Current, chamber of commerce of 135 national guild already realized unhook, overfulfil the first batch of pilot tasks; Each district also finis新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

hs the first batch of unhook in succession pilot, chamber of commerce of more than 1100 provincial guild realizes unhook. Pilot association reform carries out the 2nd batch of 144 home unhook plan is clutching give an official.

On property right protection, ” opinion ” put forward, want to drive property right to protect act be born, arouse and protect entrepreneur spirit. It is reported, from level of the state end last year November first property right protects opinion solid inflict to come, carry effectively brace up entrepreneur confidence, but the be born of relevant act is carried out still remain to strengthen. To this, concerned branch will ask according to reform, correct a batch of societies to reflect case of strong appeal of property right issue through discriminating, clear have the legal statute that violates fairness the act proceed with such as mechanism of Nuo of carry out of be as good as one’s word of clause, perfect government, farther aggrandizement property right is protected.

Governmental oneself reform is crucial

Improve supply side efficiency and quality, need brief politics put authority to make regular fairness transparent, need lets an enterprise find development way in the superior bad discard of the market, all these cannot leave the market environment with fair justice,上海千花网交友

orderly competition. Those who change character, in reform of all economic system, governmental oneself reform is crucial place.

” opinion ” point out, transform continuously governmental function, insist to let the market have decisive action and action of better play government in resource configuration, emphasize brief politics put the authority, union that put a valve, serious content that optimizes service innovation to regard sex of supply side structure as reform, increase effective system supply continuously.

In deepening a lot of reform that puts a canal to take, drive with detailed list management decrease authority to put authority to be put in the first place. The expert expresses, implement system of detailed list management in the round, the freedom that the purpose depends on reducing a government cuts a quantity into parts to counterpoise, add the own option of the market, this is innovation system of processing of country of pattern of perfect government government, implementation and the inevitable requirement that administer ability modernization and crucial act. According to the requirement, our country will make authority of department of the State Council that finish and responsibility detailed list this year, administration examines and approve will farther standardization, standardization.

Meanwhile, accelerate enlarge market admittance negative detailed list is pilot also be included the order of the day, aim to be admittance of overall 2018 executive market system of negative detailed list creates a condition. China (Hainan) Chi Fulin of dean of reform development academy expresses, negative detailed list expands from area the whole nation, it is market admittance system and the major breakthrough that invest administrative system, meant our country to execute be as long as 30 old examination make investment management system will be moved toward terminative, be helpful for driving from examine and approve model the government gets lost service government, be helpful for driving our country to commercialize reform process.

” opinion ” put reform in the crucial position that pushs each field work, highlighted the determination that will defeat society of difficult problem of solution structure sex, stimulative economy to develop through reform and confidence. The State Council develops Zhang Liqun of research center researcher to express, should highlight superintend and director to check next fulfil, drive reform be born, enhance the linkage sex of reform, harmonious sex and effectiveness. (Gu Yang of reporter of network of economy of economic daily China)

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