” street Xiang Yu the Conqueror 5 ” the line on advertisement already was removed now after two weeks


Some earlier this month moment Capcom is ” street Xiang Yu the Conqueror 5 ” inside game embedded advertisement. Although this is planted,advertisement is not mandatory, can shut inside game, but after the line on advertisement, caused a large number of problems. After many player feedback say to update ” infinite clew restarts content of to load sponsor ” , PC bolts a setting is complete disappear etc, brought about game to appear on Steam a large number of difference are judged. Foreign media discovers Capcom appears today already stealthily from ” street Xiang Yu the Conqueror 5 ” these ad were withdrawn inside game, it is such at present at least. Intermediary points out outside, ” street bully 5 ” the advertisement inside game and conduct propaganda had been done not have. Intermediary says outside: “Color 3-10 chooses in dress of an ad style, message of meeting clew mistake — the sponsor cannot be used at present, so you cannot use the color of the choice. Besides, the advertisement that is record in interface and arena environment also is shut. ” those who be worth to be carried is, at the outset Capcom mentioned duration in sponsorring advertisement to state, arrive 25 days from December 11. Already passed time nowadays, so advertisement is removed also belong to normal operation. Also eliminating nevertheless is Capcom remove temporarily, advertisement will be returned to likely also. Still had said advertisement is met before Capcom ” intermittence is changed ” , “If one sponsorred a relation to do not have, and you chose 3-10 color from inside ad style any a kind, can change color compulsively 1 and 2 ” . ” street bully 5 ” producer Xiaoyeyide ever expressed after Capcom Cup 2018 ends, thank the community feedback to sponsorring content, considering to improve this one function at present. So ” street bully 5 ” advertisement still can have possibly, but may appear with new form.


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