” sweet bud content language ” transhipment of through cargo of 3D beautiful girl! Change without blind angle body bud overturn the heavens


As game market mature with each passing day, people to the market differentiate finer and finer also, change character, the fixed position to the user also more and more essence of life is accurate. As home of fashionable of 2 dimension culture, each big play manufacturer also aimed the look these crowds. Meanwhile, people the taste of the enjoyment that goes up to the vision also is more and more jump over artful, then emerge as the times require the game of transhipment of through cargo that is core to play a way with transhipment of through cargo of 3D beautiful girl ” sweet bud content language ” .

Enter ” sweet bud content language ” the world, the player will make love a ceremony to manage in blackart (the gent hare of a slow-witted bud) how-to below, through female advocate the campus with perspective relaxed experience lives daily and fairy tale romance meets unexpectedly. Game has authentic AVG gut, can let the NPC that player encounter differs ten times, after undertaking changeful dress matchs persistent, ability can experience more and brilliant old practice.

” sweet bud content language ” masterstroke job is very free also, the player can have free choice in experiencing a process, but small make up should bear the blame the ground reminds you: Your selection will affect sweet different nurturance result possibly. Set is returned in game rich daily clue, make small town life each days sweet contented and interesting. Be worth what carry is ” sweet bud content language ” still having rife interactive link, let there can be stronger alternant sex between the player, come one case frequently after all whose sweet more melting!

Without giving thought to in the past game of transhipment of through cargo is how of the form, in the phase of 3D is at present big blossom everywhere, ” sweet bud content language ” group of research and development dare be the world first, open the beginning that hand of 3D transhipment of through cargo swims. In game, the player can undertake be dallyinged with to the top of one’s bent to the game character of 3D, not only the observation that can have much angle, close quarters to her, still can make her free rotate, freedom shrinks enlarge is small, bring 360 degrees of all-around, vision experiences that do not have blind angle for the player. And, touch touched place to differ in the light of player finger, game character still can make a series of bud fasten movement, expression, bring sense of different the official that stimulate bud for you.

” sweet bud content language ” by the 3D of wing network research and development this hand of transhipment of through cargo of 2 dimension beautiful girl swims not long ago just open checks, and announced the spokesman Xu charming with its accurate essence a zealous Cos, Neozoic beautiful girl that likes caricature, bud to change popular feeling, and let our wait and see what happens ” sweet bud content language ” will bring players how the transhipment of through cargo of acme experiences!

” sweet bud content language ” it is wing network is admired make, the 3D of acting character of Xu Jiao of astral young woman game of transhipment of through cargo of 2 dimension beautiful girl. Slow-witted bud beautiful girl is sweet what bestow favor on blackart to make in lovely bud is how-to below, take you to open new world of beauty of transhipment of through cargo! Huge dress was offerred in game, let a player be in happy daily in enjoy fun of transhipment of through cargo to the top of one’s bent. Skirt of school uniform pure beauty places resound youth air, luxuriant Lo woman is full-dress bear the weight of illusion of charming and gentle, satisfy you to explode the longing of transhipment of through cargo of canopy, wake up dream of your princess queen girl! The IOS edition that road road game publishs be about to go up line, expect please!


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