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When a lot of people feel he are during fitness, be should not eat a few alimental, because if he has eaten much alimental word to be met,bring about the effect of own fitness to reflect what do not come out, actually this viewpoint is incorrect, basically come say oneself are in finish should want to eat a few food that have nutrient material after fitness, such word is healthy to his just be to one assures, won’t let oneselfLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Fitness feels special collapse later.

The muscle of quantity of heat with compensatory and enough 1. grows is energy consumption wanting pass the time in a leisurely way, without enough quantity of heat, make sure sarcous grows normally impossibly.

The carbohydrate with compensatory and enough 2. is strong and handsome when training canShanghai noble baby

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The quantity basically is offerred by glycogen, absorbed carbohydrate can complement glycogen, supply energy, prevent to train the muscle that cause is decomposed

3. is compensatory and high grade albumenFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Raw material protein is the cornerstone that muscle forms, also be the foundation that muscle grows, because this must absorb enough high grade protein everyday.

4. stimulative synthesis, decrease decompose when sarcous synthesis is more than when decomposing, muscle grows, narrow conversely. Because this wants to notice to fight muscle to decompose, stimulative albumen is synthesized.

5. maintains the growth inside system of appropriate hormone standard hormone, insulin and Gao ketone are crucial to the synthesis of muscle protein. Taste through food and nutrient complement adjustableShanghai Long Feng forum

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Control hormone standard, exciting sarcous grows.

Eat alkalescent food to be able to grow flesh more

Of normal person humoral show alkalescent, the candy inside body building rear body, adipose, protein is decomposed in great quantities, the acidity material such as generation lactic acid, phosphoric acid makes the person feels muscle, articulatory to acid bilges, spirit is tired. Answer right now the alkalescent food of and so on of edible vegetable, sweet potato, orange, apple, maintain the fundamental balance of the acid-base value inside body, with eliminating motion as soon as possibleA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Those who bring is fatigue.

Outside the alkalescent food that divides vegetable fruit and so on, still should complement a variety of must vitamin, with the loss when compensatory metabolization and perspiration, satisfy need of strong and handsome training.

So the most essential nature gives him body complement very enough caloric namely, go in us after all fitnessLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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quantity of heat of the rife in our body can be being used up to become in the process, so if our neither one is enough caloric word also is to do not have method to make sure sarcous grows normally among our body, also be the gymnastical result that him short of wants so.


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